Research and Development

The prime objective of the Institute is to design and develop appropriate machines/equipments/tools/process for rural artisans, different clusters and for cottage industries to increase productivity as well as to improve quality of their products. Again, the Institute is undertaking miniaturization of the sophisticated machineries being used by big units. This will not merely help in introducing sophistication at the decentralized level but will also help in providing sustainable employment at the doorsteps of artisans along with increase in income.

    R&D activity is performed by adopting following Methodology:
  • IDENTIFICATION OF PROBLEM: "Necessity is mother of invention". To identify any problem, it is necessary continuous observation. Institute gets problems from different clusters of artisans, from field staff and from Management of the Institute.
  • After getting problem, engineers of concern faculty visits problem arising field to collect data as well as to perform Time Motion Study to know present productivity.
  • To find preliminary solution of problem, collection of technical information from various Institutes, libraries, web search, design data books etc.
  • Then after discussion with artisans/problem identifier regarding preliminary design and final design started by considering his/her suggestions.
  • Final design i.e. selection of materisl of parts, design calculations, preparation of AutoCAD drawings, bill of materials, Estimation in standard sheet prepared by Institute.
  • Fabrication of Prototype in workshop of Institute after getting approval of Management of the Institute.
  • Laboratory trial under controlled condition of the Institute with Time Motion Study.
  • Modifications if any after Lab trial.
  • Field Trial and collection of feed back report
  • Final Approved Design and manufacturing of 10/15 no.s of prototype to install in different part of Gujarat State for demonstration purposes for easy acceptance of Prototypes in Market.

Institute is encouraging individuals for undertaking innovative research work in the field of cottage industries and thus Institute provides an ideal environment for professionals, experimenters, entrepreneurs, institutions and amateur researchers by way of providing infrastructure facilities, technical as well as financial assistance to develop prototype machines and its testing etc.

"Seeing is believing" and "Try of your own" are the basis of the approach of the Institute for transfer of technology. The Institute is therefore undertaking pilot projects for dissemination of information of the prototype tools/equipments/ machines to create confidence about the working efficiency and demonstrative effect over the areas as well as among the beneficiary groups.

Along with the development of more efficient prototypes, Institute is also trying to introduce more remunerative new economic activities in the place of traditional activities becoming obsolete due to change of technology from time to time.

 List of Technoloies Developed By Institute